See you inside Terry Bradshaw’s “Inspirational” Hawaiian Vow Renewal

In good weather and on very good seasons, Terry Bradshaw and Tammy Bradshaw a perfect pair. In fact, their marriage was so beautiful, they tied the knot twice!

During the supersized The Bradshaw Bunch during both premieres on Wednesday, October 6, Terry asked Tammy to renew their vows seven years later they said “I do.” Bitaw, yes Tammy.

“Our wedding was perfect,” he said. “And he’s so handsome. It’s hard to believe that seven years have passed.”

Terry exclaimed, “What do you mean he was ‘before’? It’s only been seven years. Have I been ugly since then?”

the NFL story admitted that their first nuptial was rushed due to her poor track record at the institution of marriage.

“Getting married is a big thing and it’s not exactly the energy of my life, that’s for sure. I mean, you have doubts when you become like me,” as the three parted Terry said. in a confession. “And I’m nervous about failing again. Who wouldn’t? I knew I had to get married one night or it would never happen.”

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