Seeking God’s Healing for Sexual Destruction

You don’t have to be a Christian or a social scientist to know the terrible consequences of mismanaged sexuality.

For 50 years, the sexual revolution has fueled casual sex, but it has also created sexual casualties. Like Sy Rogers. She was 6 years old when she was constantly molested by an adult male. After her mother was killed in a drunk driving accident, her father sent her to live with female relatives. The femininity behavior she developed led to bullying from boys who told her she was gay. As a teenager, she became sexually active with other men and underwent sex reassignment surgery.

She wanted to feel loved and connected more, but she didn’t believe she could measure anyone’s standards, especially God’s. God may love other people, but He does not love Sy.

Afterwards, as Sy said, “God has opened my eyes in a new way, where He is no longer a code of ethics to debate. He is no longer a philosophical point of view to reflect on. the classes to talk to the university for a cup of coffee.He has now become a real, living person, not an option of the spiritual buffet, but a real, living presence.And because of this, how can I live my life? ”

And so began a journey that would not only require Sy to crucify his flesh but swim against the tide of popular culture. He did not accept that path from a desire to pursue religious ritual or to conquer certain moral standards. He accepted it because of a transformative encounter with Jesus Christ.

Sy Rogers is with us on our Focus on Family Broadcast “Seeking God’s Healing for Sexual Destruction”To tell his story. Along the way, he will encourage you to maintain sexual purity through a close relationship with your Heavenly Father. He will also share why he believes it is possible to overcome homosexual attractions and gender confusion. He already lived it.

Sy’s speech was recorded at the 2019 Devoted Conference at Wave Church in Virginia Beach. This program is not graphic, but it may not be suitable for small children. Please use your discretion and cover your children anywhere, or listen later to you local radio station, online, sa iTunes, by Podcast, or our free phone app.

Sy has served for many years as a teaching teacher with Life Church in Auckland, New Zealand. Sadly, he died just last year at the age of 63 from kidney cancer. Our hearts go out to his family.

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