Selena Gomez’s New Bob May Inspire Your Next Salon Visit

If you are ready come and see Selena Gomezstrange new ‘to do.

The 29-year-old singer debuted with a beautiful bob on TikTok Monday, Oct. 18. In addition to giving fans a peek at her hair, Gomez – who previously preferred longer locks – invited them to join in Oct. 19 for a virtual watch party on the final stage of her show. Just murders in the Building, which he made executive and starred with Steve Martin and Martin Short.

Needless to say, followers don’t get enough of the hack. “YOU REALLY WANT SHORT HAIR SELENA,” one wrote. Added another, “I WANT HAIR OMG.

For some, cutting brings them down back in 2017 when Gomez sports a similar look. Of course, the “Wolves” star has played with many different hair colors and lengths over the years, shaking everything from tall brunette short wave blonde styles.

“That’s why now I’m blonde, and I’m having the best time,” she said hip Last month. “I think I’m definitely more of a character when I’m blonde. I feel like I can go crazy looking at my hair, I can, you know, try new things in my makeup and it’s more fun. I think it’s a little hard to keep up. But yeah, I don’t know, I feel cool and edgy, and it’s just a phase I’ve been through. I really missed it, I’m not. lie. Blonde Selena isn’t gone forever. “

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