Senior Year film review and film summary (2022)

Both actors are ready for all the wacky hijinks the movie asks of them, so “Senior Year” is like a waste of their talents. The feature filmmaking debut from the TV veteran Alex Hardcastle The games are like a list of early 2000 references that have been revived vigorously. Usually, the movie seems like two hours of that Leonardo DiCaprio teach-the-TV meme from “Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood. ” Mentions of CK1 cologne, Smirnoff Ice and Von Dutch jeans and needles from the likes of Nelly and Avril Lavigne you will immediately return to a specific era of pop culture. (Although the “Senior Year” method uses Mandy Moore The hit “Candy” provided one of the film’s greatest laughs.) But there is little new understanding of this particular period of the post-millennium flux, or of the endless and poisonous lure of high school popularity.

That’s what enthusiastic, blonde Stephanie has been looking forward to since she moved to the United States from Australia as an awkward 14-year-old. With the advice he could get from teen magazines— “Three Pounds Is the Difference Between Hot and Obese” shouted a headline — he transformed himself, became the captain of the cheerleading squad, dated the useless player in football, and looking to the highest. goal: crowned prom queen.

“If they were this amazing in high school, imagine how perfect the rest of their lives would be,” Stephanie chased the beautiful, young married couple down the street prom king and queen of their weather. This is a real nugget of fact the script is from Andrew Knauer, Arthur Pielliand Brandon Scott Jones: the most famous people tend to go up to high school, then stay in town to continue to feel like big fish in a small pond.

But Stephanie’s dreams failed when a daring aerial stunt went awry in a pep rally. Is her opponent and fellow cheerleader Tiffany to blame? Whatever the cause, Stephanie has been in a hospital coma for 20 years. He wakes up, suddenly 2022 and he is confused by iPhones and flat screen TVs. His sweet, widowed father (Chris Parnell) kept his childhood room uninterrupted (complete with “There is no wisdom”And P! Nk posters) at all times. And even though she’s 37 years old, her first instinct was to go back to high school and fulfill her destiny to be a prom queen.

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