Setting Your Teenager Free to Fly

If you have a teenager, then you already know that the day is coming when your son or daughter will leave home. That moment for you is the culmination of years of dedication, focus, and sacrifice. It is also accompanied by a whirlwind of emotion – about success and comfort, about loss and sorrow.

Some parents react to the struggle to release their children not buhian. They hold on to their need to feel needed. Still, you bless your children when you let them go. Freedom gives them the opportunity to live their own adventure in faith and trust in God.

That’s why your child’s high school years can be a turning point not only for your teenager but for you. This is an opportunity to commit your relationship with your child to God.

In Our Focus on Family Broadcast ”Setting Your Teenager Free to Fly“We want to equip you to launch your teens into the world of adults with a strong sense of independence and confidence as you not only survive but thrive on the changes and challenges that come.

Carol Kuykendall and her daughter -in -law Alexandra Kuykendall join us to share personal stories and practical tips to prepare your child – and you – for their launch.

Join us in YOUR local radio station, onlineon Apple Podcastsby Google Podcastsor take us with you to ours free phone app.

Carol Kuykendall raised and raised three adults, including her son, who married Alexandra. Alexandra recently went through the process of saying goodbye to her oldest daughter.

Carol Kuykendall co-authored the book with Krista Gilbert Give Them Wings: Preparing for Your Teenager to Leave Home nor, to be available for a gift of any amount in support of our ministry. Visit our website for more information or call 1-800-A-FAMILY (232-6459).

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