Sex & The City Author Didn’t Care That Samantha Was Not On HBO Reboot

Candace Bushnell, the best-selling author behind HBO’s Sex and the City, says it doesn’t matter that Kim Cattrall wasn’t involved in the reboot.

Sex and the City Writer Candance Bushnell says she doesn’t care that the Samantha Jones character portrayed by Kim Cattrall never returns. for future reboots, And Like ThatThe fire The original Sex and the City The TV series was a major hit throughout its run. Even if the two films that came after the series were critical failures, the Sex and the City The fanbase continues to grow, especially as the reboot release approaches.

Despite being as excited as fans to see many New York City adventures from the franchise, the initial announcement of the return was marred by news that Cattrall would not be returning. our Sex and the City four main characters, it is Samantha Jones by Cattrall which gives a lot of comfort to the comics in the series, and her quick-going, try-out character makes for an unpredictable addition compared to the life of Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte (Kristin Davis). While the exact exact details to the left of Cattrall from the series have never been fully answered by the makers of the program or Cattrall, it has been clear for a long time that the reason lies solely in the fact that he and Sarah Jessica Parker is not friendly. .

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Since Bushnell created the four beloved characters, it’s reasonable that he might have stronger feelings about the dynamic remake for Ug Ingon Niana… But so The Everyday Beast reported, Bushnell was never bothered by Cattrall’s disappearance, and what’s more, the 62-year-old top-notch writer said he couldn’t understand why people were still interested in celebrities. Insist on that And Like That… an entertainment product with its own internal logic and rules, Bushnell dismissed Cattrall’s departure from the new series by saying:

“It’s a product of entertainment. All of these performances have their own logic structure and their own laws. It’s a show done by Michael Patrick King and he’s very skilled at making these kinds of TV movies. He will do what he feels is appropriate for the show and I totally respect that. Honestly, I really don’t understand that kind of fandom where people are like, ‘Oh my God [Samantha’s gone], ‘it’s a curse to me. I don’t have that personality, so I don’t really understand it. I don’t understand why people are still interested in artists. I recognized it. ”

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From the first it was announced that Sex and the City coming back for a new series, fans wondered how to handle Samantha’s disappearance. The first reason given by HBO is that the friendship disappears over time, but some wonder if the character could be killed. After all, the later seasons of the series have Samantha battling breast cancer, possibly giving Ug Ingon Niana… with a convenient but admittedly terrible method for explaining Samantha’s non-participation in the series. It’s hard to believe a series without fear like that Sex and the City always proving himself to just dismiss something as important as Samantha’s disappearance with the weak reasoning that the friendship would disappear.

As for Bushnell, his confusion as to why people are interested in celebrities as an insensitive view of Cattrall is not part of Ug Ingon Niana… the Sex and the City franchise Bushnell was allowed to be more successful with the characters he created. If there is no interest from the public in the characters or the artists who portray them, there simply isn’t Sex and the City, but Bushnell’s situation is not what it is. Bushnell should also remember that Samantha’s character brought great laughter and joy to many.

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