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Shania Twain revealed that she is finally coming to terms with aging after years of battling self-confidence issues with her body. The country music icon, 57, is candid about aging gracefully in a new interview with The mirror, who says it took a lot of meditation– and a nude photo — to learn how to love her body. “I’m scared inside but nobody knows,” the “That Don’t Impress Me Much” singer said. “Now, I look at myself naked and I like being honest about myself.”

Shania said that she is now comfortable in her own skin, especially as she gets older. (ZUMA/SplashNews)

“There are times when I like to turn off the lights because all I see are imperfections so I say, ‘OK, how do I deal with this and get it to the point where I accept it?'” he continued. . “So I did a nude photo session to find a healthier and more realistic view of myself.”

The photo test was such a success that Shania said she wanted to share what she learned from the experience. “I would say you have to look in the mirror and be good at that,” he explained. “I’m just going to get older and weaker – if I hate myself now what will I be like in five or 10 years?”

The superstar musician also revealed that self-doubt started when she was a teenager struggling with her changing body. “When I was a teenager, my breasts got bigger. I couldn’t stop them from bouncing so I had to tie them up and wear two bras and loose clothes,” she explained. “I didn’t like these boobs and I thought I wanted a breast reduction but it settled. I thought, ‘Good thing I didn’t do that. This is how I look'”

In another anecdote about her health, Shania recalls having to be sent to a hospital in Switzerland afterwards contracting COVID-19 and pneumonia in 2020. Talked to The mirror in February, he said the “very scary” incident happened during the height of the pandemic while he was staying at his home in Lake Geneva. “It’s getting worse and worse. My vital signs got worse, and in the end, I had to be airlifted,” explained Shania. “It takes several days to start making any antibodies, so it’s a very dangerous time and very scary. .”

“I made it and I’m very grateful,” he said, before acknowledging his good fortune. “I thought, ‘Wow, if I lived alone in a more isolated scenario, I don’t know what would have happened.’ My heart goes out to people who don’t have that support to help them get the right care,” she explained.

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