Shannon and the Clams Share the Beginning of “Year of the Spider”: Stream

Our new piece of music Origins provides outlet artists to share unique insights into their latest track. Today, Shannon and the Clams read the signs of the “Year of the Spider”.

Shannon and the Clams scheduled to follow in 2018 onion on August 20 in their sixth full length, Year of the Spider. After dropping the lead single, “True Wine”, last month, the Bay Area garage rockabilly quartet is now previewing the track’s effort.

“Year of the Spider” puts a ’70s doo-wop spin on some of the turbulent experiences lead singer Shannon Shaw has gone through over the past two years. As Shaw said consequences,

“The‘ Year of the Spider ’was the reason for my 2019 and 2020 submissions. I was stalked by a peeping tom for months and months all while my dad underwent radiation treatment while the mountains were ours the surroundings were engulfed by fires. It was a very bad time in my life and could not dampen the desperate desire to feel safe. I was so amazed and looking for comfort wherever I could find it. “

The track features a playful psychedelic video from director Loren Risker. The clip sees Shannon and the Clams staring at the woods while a scary dude in a leather cover and even longer fingernails crawl into the shadows.

Check out the visual “Year of the Spider” below, followed by Shannon and the Song’s Origins.

Year of the Spider made by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys and goes through his Easy Eye Voice SCORE Preliminary orders available now.


I have extremely severe arachnophobia and my anxiety gives me ghostly sensations like a spider crawling through my body all day. I remember my badass astrologist encouraging me to study goddesses, finding someone I felt inspired and filming her energy when I felt weak and powerless. She told me about Durga, a Hindu goddess with 8 arms, riding a tiger and having a weapon in each hand and a demon slayer. It felt like a good fit, I wanted to imagine his pursuit and killing the peeping tom for me. At some point I had a full round moment when I realized he had 8 arms like a spider! I look at spiders all wrong, I can take back my greatest fear in the world and look at them as my protector, my creator.

Charlotte’s web:

I watched Charlotte’s web and also connects the characters. Her big sleepy blue eyes are just as I remember, I knew I had to flip it over and find solace in the spiders by writing a song. I had to find a way to show twice that I had experienced fear and comfort. The song is loud, a chorus. It tastes good and scratches all the itches.

Disco Floors:

I had to save my own issues and repack them in a more transparent form to reflect my reprame. I want it to dance, get out of all the stress of these years and let it go. I keep imagining the glowing disco floors and how fun and satisfying it will be to dance your tension and light your body from your feet with every step.

The Muppet Show:

I continue to imagine the Muppets from the original Show the Muppet singing backups. I know I know-I’ve always been inspired by the Muppets, but for the bridge I can only hear them agreeing falsetto through the little balcony lights.

The mutants:

Cody really wants to get this kind of tremolo tremolo sound on this track. I’m not sure if we did it, but here goes our head. Maybe we can actually get close to the sound of this organ.

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