Sharon Carter Secretly Still Working For Nick Fury

Sharon Carter’s villainous heel will follow from her experiences in government – but it could also show loyalty to Nick Fury.

The later stage of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier along with the bombshell revelation that Sharon Carter, formerly a SHIELD agent, and then the CIA, is the Power Broker – but one theory suggests that she may not be a villain, instead an agent working with Nick Fury. Sharon’s status as a Power Broker surprisingly, it is considered that, like half the population of the Earth, he disappeared in existence for five years. Its resources, reach, and organization were saved or rebuilt within six months between Avengers: Endgame and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. As a deep-cover agent, he would have had access to help and resources to facilitate this construction.

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Anger has been dropped by name or seen in all Phase 4 production to date, except The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and his exact role is unclear; he was seen running from space, but did not seem to be with SWORD Given the more unfortunate move that government bodies appear to have taken during the Blip, it is unreasonable to think that Fury could have acted outside of traditional government. boundaries. Sharon’s infiltration of Madripoor, a hotspot of activity for violent non-government actors may serve this purpose; Madripoor promises to return in the future to MCU, and this is a logical place for Fury to want an informant.

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While her words and actions are consistent with those burned by the U.S. government, Sharon’s experience is the same. Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War It would also give him a healthy skepticism of the government. Sharon Carter’s future plans as a Power Broker unclear, but his connections as a Power Broker want to put him fully aware of any remaining inflows into HYDRA or other government waste. His chosen Batroc as his mercenary may also be willing to work for Nick Fury – Fury uses Batroc for a similar ending to The Winter Army.

Sharon is no stranger to dressing roles; his introduction to MCU was like watching SHIELD with Captain America. With a promise Secret Invasion Announced with the mini-series with no release date, it’s likely that spy versus spy intrigue will be an important theme. Sharon makes an incredible asset for Fury. He was fired by the government and after being welcomed, he was in a senior position to guard the government and the underworld at the same time. Sharon’s willingness to help Bucky and Sam with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier supports it; While she may be helping just to find the Flag-Smashers, Sharon’s interest in the group won’t survive their loss of the remaining Super Soldier Serum. While others have a theory Sharon Carter is the ‘Power Broker’ as a cover for the CIA, his experiences working as an agent for the U.S. government may not be able to promote that kind of relationship.

With Nick Fury acting as a spider in the center of a web of unknown size and uncertain purpose, Phase 4 of the MCU seems to revolve around him. With SHIELD not a visible player, and the director of SWORD proving everyone is willing to take brutal action in the control service, Fury’s role seems to have nothing to do with these bodies. Carter was in the midst of two great struggles between freedom and authority, both of which took the side of Captain America. It would be characteristic for him to help Fury in the third. while Sharon Carter’s inspirations and the intentions are not yet clear, one thing is certain; The Falcon and the Winter Soldier placed him to be important in future projects.

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