Sharon Stone Boards Season 2 in The Flight Attendant

the mother-daughter duo we didn’t know we needed it!

In Jan. 11, Kaley Cuoco announced by Instagram that Sharon Stone join the cast of The Flight Attendant for season two in the HBO Max series and we couldn’t be more excited. “Welp, I can finally share this news,” Kuoco wrote on Instagram. “Hi mom, I’m you … @sharonstone seriously what is my life ?! @flightattendantonmax.”

The Emmy Award-winning actress, which will bring Lisa Bowden, Cassie’s (Cuoco) mother, to join the previously announced new additions including Cheryl Hines, Margaret Cho, About McRae, Callie Hernandez and JJ Soria.

The first season, which precedes 2020, leaves us with Cassie facing Alex’s real killer (Michael Huisman), and accepting a new job offer. Nowadays, the Steve Yockey-Made comedy series begins with Cassie who lives in Los Angeles, tries to maintain integrity, and finds herself witnessing a murder, while also “moonlighting as a CIA asset in her free time , “as described on HBO Max.

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