Shrek: 10 times fans get hurt in the ass

Fans are conditioned to feel for Shrek throughout Shrek franchise of the film because he is the protagonist and the story lines and adventures of the films are based solely on the life of Shrek. But just as funny and charismatic as Shrek is, it’s his sidekick and best friend that fans trust.

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After meeting Donkey in the first film, he quickly became a fan favorite character. Donkey has some of the funniest quotes on Shrek movies, he’s loving, and most of all, he’s always there for Shrek. Unlike Donkey and Shrek, they support each other even in the most frightening of circumstances. Because of the fans ’love for Donkey, they can’t help but grieve him over his grief.


When Shrek Won’t Let the Donkey Sleep Inside (Shrek)

Shrek tells Donkey to leave Shrek

The donkey is one of the most famous characters in Shrek, but he and Shrek don’t always have a close relationship. The two meet in strange circumstances and the Donkey has nowhere to go. He follows Shrek back into the jungle in hopes of living there with him as his new found best friend.

But Shrek enjoys being alone and is not used to having friends. The donkey looked around Shrek’s house and was excited to think of going to sleepover and making waffles in the morning. But Shrek doesn’t have it. He opened the door and sent the Donkey away, telling him to sleep outside. Poor Donkey’s ears bowed and he slowly walked outside, where he continued to watch Shrek’s comfortable night out the window.

When he is about to be sold to the knights (Shrek)

The donkey sold by a woman to Shrek

Shrek is one of the best movies from the 2000s because it combines pop culture, mythical creatures, and Disney Easter eggs throughout. All the while, it tells a compelling story about a monster and his friend.

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on Shrek, fans first met Donkey when he was sold by the knights for his owner’s money. Her owner admits her ass can talk and she wants a lot of money. The donkey refused to speak because she was afraid of the consequence and the look on her face while with her rude owner was upset.

When He Hangs Around Shrek Even Though He Always Insults Him (Shrek)

Shrek covers Donkey's mouth with Shrek

Before Shrek and Donkey become close friends, Shrek views Donkey as an annoyance that will help him rescue Fiona so he can get his madness from Lord Farquaad.

During their mission to rescue the princess and to rescue her to Lord Farquaad, Shrek and Fiona begin to love each other. Shrek goes to talk to Fiona one night and hears her talking to the Donkey, where he says, “Who could love an animal so horrible and ugly !?” Shrek is angry with the Donkey for stabbing him in the back and talking to Fiona about him, but really, Fiona is talking about herself. Shrek calls Donkey “pathetic” and “annoying” before he realizes the truth. The donkey crumbled at Shrek’s words and it saddened him.

If His Fear of Heights Isn’t a Joke (Shrek)

Donkey and Shrek are nervous about Shrek’s bridge

on Shrek, Shrek and Donkey are on a mission to rescue Princess Fiona from a dragon -protected castle. Lord Farquaad promises Shrek that if he brings Fiona back, he will make sure Shrek has all the turmoil of his own. Because of the height of Lord Faquaad, Shrek Fans have made countless memes about him.

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On their way to the castle, Donkey was afraid to cross the bridge for his fear of heights. Shrek liked the idea that Donkey was scared and so he shook and shook the weak bridge while there were two of them. The donkey was paralyzed with fear before running across the bridge to finish it. Fans felt bad that Shrek’s idea of ​​having fun was to hurt Donkey.

When He Doesn’t Like The Body He Has (Shrek 2)

The donkey as a place in Shrek 2

That was felt by some fans Shrek 2 better than the original movie because they see the continuation of the story of Shrek, Donkey, and Fiona. Now that Shrek and Fiona are married, the two are at a crossroads when Shrek meets Fiona’s parents, the King and Queen of Far Far Away.

Fiona’s father makes Shrek feel like he’s not good for his daughter, so Shrek and Donkey go to the Fairy Godmother’s lab for a special potion to make them attractive. While Shrek became an attractive young man, Donkey became a beautiful horse. The ass liked her new look, but when the magic was gone, she started going back to being an ass. Donkey hates the idea of ​​going back to his former self, which is sad to look at because there is nothing wrong with who he is.

When the Donkey Is About to Eat (Shrek 4)

Shrek and ogres standing near the fire in Shrek 4

on Shrek 4, Shrek struggled one of his more powerful enemies and Shrek villain, Rumpelstiltskin. After Shrek makes a bad deal with Rumpelstiltskin, he makes a new friendship with a group of ogres as a way to meet Fiona and reclaim her life. The ogres welcomed Shrek into their group but they didn’t expect the same warmth from the Donkey.

In one scene, the ogres attacked the Donkey and tied him to a stick as they tried to slaughter and eat him. The donkey excitedly tried to get Shrek’s attention before he was burned alive. Shrek eventually rescues Donkey from dinner, but it’s a scary moment.

When He Felt Like a Dragon Not Taking Care of Him (Shrek 2)

Shrek and Fiona ride the Far Far Away with the Donkey in Shrek 2

To begin with Shrek 2, Shrek and Fiona recently returned to the jungle after spending time on a honeymoon. Meanwhile, Donkey stays in their house and takes care of it while they are away.

Now that they are home, Shrek wants Donkey to leave so he can be with Fiona. The donkey wasn’t ready to leave, but Shrek didn’t care. He tells Donkey that he is “disturbed” and shows him the door, despite Donkey’s entire body language indicating something is wrong.

When Shrek’s Ass Hurts After His Honeymoon (Shrek 2)

The donkey left Shrek's house in Shrek 2

After the previous entry, there was a reason why Donkey fell so badly in the trash when Shrek and Fiona returned from their honeymoon.

Shrek eventually asks Donkey why he’s not home with his wife, Dragon, and shyly Donkey says he’s “moody.” He thinks it would be best if he moved to Shrek for now. Seeing how sad Donkey is at the supposed death of his relationship can be heartbreaking. For fans, Donkey is one Shrek character they want to be with others, if only to please him.

When He’s Overworked Because of Witches (Shrek 4)

The donkey pulling a cart of Shrek's ghosts

If any fan thinks that Shrek 4 is the last movie of the franchise, Shrek 5 come out supposedly at the end of 2022. Back in the fourth movie, Shrek is brought into another reality. She’s at a time where Fiona doesn’t know who she is and Donkey isn’t her best friend.

Fans were first introduced to Donkey as he was driving a chariot owned by witches. He has the same personality at first, but a more sad fact. The ghosts beat him and told him to sing different songs as he pulled them away. Instead of being free, he was with the witches.

Dragon Chow (Shrek)

The donkey is afraid of Shrek's Dragon

The first Shrek The movie has some of the funniest quotes compared to other movies in the franchise. They are raw and real, like the characters.

In a hilarious but terrifying scene, Shrek tells the Donkey that one is disturbing the dragon as he rescues the princess. The donkey was terrified and had no idea how to do it. Instead, she ran for her life before trying to flirt to get out of death. Seeing his eyes before becoming dragon chow saddened fans for Donkey. He signs up to be Shrek’s friend, not his goat.

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