Silent Hill’s Future ‘Just Goes On’ With ‘Highly Artistic’ Title

Konami recently announced a slate for the future Silent Hill games and the movie to mark the rise of the franchise. Producer Motoi Okamoto spoke about this revival and explained how it will continue into the future with more games that are “unique, highly artistic, and original.”

Okamoto talked about this future with IGN. He talked about how Konami tried to revive the series for a long time, but had to do it in a way that renewed the brand while also keeping it a secret. There were even pitches that didn’t go through, and while he was vague, there were reports that Until Dawn The developer Supermassive Games posted an entry that was later created The Dark Pictures Anthology. Despite the non-starters, he noticed that there were more Silent Hill on the way.

“We talked and talked to a lot of creators,” Okamoto said. “Unfortunately, not all projects are off the ground, but there should be some announcements in the future. The future of Silent Hill just keep going. I think what is important about the series is that we put out titles that are unique, very artistic, and original.

The announced Silent Hill All of the games are probably very different from each other, which backs up Okamoto’s point of rebranding and emphasizing the psychological horror roots to make it stick in the modern era. the Silent Hill 2 The remake is, according to the Bloober Team, will be a faithful remake in the iconic second entry. Silent Hill: Townfall Creative Director Jon McKellan notes that No Code Studio’s title is of a different kind Silent Hill game. No Code is known for making non-traditional horror games like observation and Untold Stories. Silent Hill f is another mysterious entry, but takes place in Japan in the 1960s, both of which are atypical for the franchise. And finally, Silent Hill: Ascent an interactive streaming series where the “community shapes the canon.”

He did not explain what these announcements were, but they had a call Silent Hill: The Short Message will come in the near future after being rated by several rating boards. It is said to be shorter, PT-like a teaser for another full entry. There is also reports of another mainline entry which has yet to be disclosed. However, Okamoto called on developers to send their pitches to Konami and said he will “look at each one of them.”

A good part of the interview, however, focused on Silent Hill 2 remake, which Okamoto calls the “centerpiece” of this revival. Masahiro Ito, who returned to the series for Silent Hill 2 remake, also talked about making the combat more “fun” without changing the enemies too much. Series composer Akira Yamaoka talked about remaking all the classic music for it to “raise” the same feelings players had in the original. Okamoto also explained that James is older in the remake because the fans of the title are older and the teams wanted to show a better protagonist.

This rougher model is also something that modern technology allows, and that technology is a big reason why it’s only on PlayStation 5 and PC and not last-gen systems. Okamoto says that players need to project and use their imaginations on the PlayStation 2 to get scared, but the power of modern hardware means that scares can be easily experienced without a lot of mental work.

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