Simple Lift Top Storage Bed

Why Lift Top Bed?

A loft bed is an easy way to create maximum storage in a room, without the bed appearing complicated with storage drawers or shelves.

  • Storage is not as easy to access as a drawer, but with the help of lift top hardware, it is not difficult.
  • It becomes a good place to store things that are out of season, extra blankets, or things that you don’t need every day but you can’t part with.
  • There is also more storage in a loft bed than a traditional captains bed or storage bed, because the entire bed surface is accessible.
  • This bed is also really easy to build – much easier than a bed with drawers or shelves.
  • It can be difficult to move a room once it is complete, so think about how you will move the bed to the room before final assembly.

Why I Made This Bed

A few years ago we built a small house and everything in it. Here is the link to loft system with bed and video and project storage and the Tiny House Series if you want to catch up.

Instead of a sofa, I decided to use the foot of a bed as a seat.

The bed can be fully pulled out and becomes a full size bed. So basically, it’s a trundle bed, but it’s not completely pushed under the main bed.

To create storage for bedding, a trundle bed is a lift top storage bed.

Here’s a video of how we built and used it –

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