Simple Stone Painting Ideas for Kids

Tap your creative side with these simple rock painting ideas for kids, and lots of great tips.

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Simple Stone Painting Ideas for Kids

If you need some fun and creative ways to keep the kids busy this year, you’ll want to keep reading. We share our favorite simple stone painting ideas for kids. We’ll discuss stone preparation, techniques, and even what to do with the painted stones when you’re done. It’s one of those activities that keeps kids busy for a while and can be repeated throughout the summer.

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Stone Painting Preparation

Follow these steps to prepare paint stones:

  1. Find rocks to paint. You can buy rocks at local garden centers, find them in your yard, on a vacation, hiking, and more.
  2. Clean the stones. Wash with warm soapy water to remove any dirt or particles that would interfere with the painting process.
  3. Allow the rocks to dry perfect before painting. If it’s a hot day, let them dry in the sun on a towel.
  4. Get your supplies. We recommend using acrylic craft paints because they dry easily and are relatively inexpensive. Spray paint can also be used for older children (or adults).
  5. Set up your painting space. Line the tables with newspapers or butcher paper. Place plates for paints and cups of water for washing brushes.

Stone Painting Techniques

Spray paint, brush paint, dotted, there are many ways to create beautiful stone painting masterpieces. Read more about different painting techniques Painting of Gogh.

  • BRUSHS -Use different brush styles and sizes. They can make different strokes and looks. They can also easily cover the entire stone, or add fine details.
  • DUGANG TEXTURE -Use different materials to layer multiple textures. Look for things outside or around your home. A sponge can create a smooth look. Dip something in the paint and use it as a seal. Look around the outside for leaves, flowers, and more.
  • MIX PINTS – Create new colors by mixing paints to get the perfect color.
  • STATIONS – Use or create your own stencils for a sharp look. Use a cutting machine to cut the stencils using vinyl. Or use whatever you already have. No stencil? Tape the areas with paint tape.

Basic Ideas

Go the simple way by painting the stones a solid color. Then you can arrange them in a beautiful colorful stone garden like the one above.

Stone G8fe48048c 1920

Another good way to start with stone painting ideas, is to abstract. Achieve this look by adding any colors you want to a stone and mixing as much or as little as you like. Or go for a marble look by folding a paper in half. Add a little paint in a few different colors. Attach the paper and mix the colors. Open and place the stone in marble paint.

Oakville News 6vWaBPCCN1w Unsplash

Go simple with a bold message! Paint a stone a color and add your own special message.

Mom G6cd07d81f 1920

Another good example is adding a special message. Add a name or word to the stone painted in a solid color.

A Color Idea

Bato Pintal Gf426879fb 1920

Stick to a beautiful natural stone and just use black to create a beautiful outline. Here we see the leaves, branches etc. used only in black for a stunning look.

Boiler Gf4520685b 1920

Again using only black, it is easy to create a simple look with a natural stone.

Stones G0f6f0aac7 1920

Or try using only white, or white with a little black outlining. Flip your paint brush and dip the tip into the paint to create the stipilling effect.

Colorful Stone Ideas

Bato G2e71c6daf 1920

Create a whole family of focks with this simplest rock painting idea! Paint each stone a color. and add eyes and a mouth using the tip of a larger paint brush. Very cute and simple!

Nick Fewings L342TpsxXU Unsplash

These three ideas are so simple! Repeatedly paint smiling faces, flowers, or other small designs on a white painted stone background. Or go for a laugh and paint a yolk on a white painted flat stone.

Nick Fewings NJjYF5yw48E Unsplash

Lots of great ideas here! A paw print, a bee, an angel heart. There are many things you can do when painting stones. Stripes, polka dots, and more!

Nick Fewings IoNNsLBO8hE Unsplash

We really like rainbow rock in this set of beautiful rocks. Or show the spirit of the school by printing the initials of your school on a stone.

Painting Gabec62ce5 1920

Words are so fun, especially when they are paired with another happy picture like the sun, a flower, a smiling face, or bright colors!

Usa Gfce2391ac 1920

Go patriotic by painting some stars and streaks! This is still a simple idea. If you don’t want to start, try the dots!

Nature Theme Ideas

Paint Gaf3a7e2ed 1920

Draw a sea scene with some simple shapes. Start with a sky and sea in different blue shades. Add a half circle for the boat and a triangle for the sail. Add the shark fin too! Or go for a complete underwater theme with a variety of fish and a coral reef.

Stone Object G5fa1df435 1920

These two front rocks are so much fun in different ways to show off a beautiful sky! Imagine sunset and northern light. And have fun with different rock shapes, like van or bus rock high.

Donald Giannatti CzqGBaCVDOc Unsplash

Flowers, butterflies, ladybugs, bees, caterpillars are all a great way to add nature inspiration to your stone painting ideas.

Stone G7571c85dd 1920

Use leaves or flowers in your garden for inspiration. Look at things in nature and try your hand at painting them with your rocks!

Nick Fewings QG0Lofp20cM Unsplash

Another beautiful interpretation of the flower on a stone with words too!

What to do with Painted Rocks

Now that you’re painting a pile of rocks, what are you going to do with it all ???

  • Decorate your yard or flower beds with painted stones.
  • Make a small path in the rock using it.
  • They are gifts to friends and family.
  • Join a local rock treasure hunt. Hide your rocks and collect others you find. Learn more about this fun idea at Parent Map.
  • Use them as garden markers.
  • Make an outdoor tic tac toe board using painted stones and chalk on the sidewalk.
  • Use it to play hopscotch.

Get your paint brushes on and enjoy these fun and simple stone painting ideas!

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