Skyrim: Best Cooked Food Recipes (and Their Uses)

Stacking buffs derived from alchemy potions, Skyrim’s cooked foods can give players benefits beyond satisfying Hunger.

An often overlooked feature of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is cooking, a natural skill that is present in all adventurers but is often overlooked. However, with Anniversary EditionThe release, the cooked food got some deserved attention because the game’s optional Survival Mode requires Dragonborn to eat. On the other hand, those who don’t want to implement Survival mechanics into their playthrough may also find it useful. benefits from eating cooked food Skyrim.

While consuming any edible substance Skyrim, such as a wheel of cabbage or cheese, restore some of the Health or Hunger of the player, many particular foods and recipes are superior to others because of the significant advantages they provide. Before continuing with this list, a noble mention for Survival Mode users will undoubtedly Salmon Steak. Even if other common foods like Apple Pie or Rabbit Haunch offer similar benefits, Salmon Steak is much easier to use in terms of cooking. Its ingredients, Salmon Meat and Salt Pile, can be found in abundance throughout the wilderness and within towns. Restoration of 220 points on Hunger of Skyrim Survival Mode, Salmon Meat is a perfect light meal to take or cook quickly.


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For Stamina users like Two-Handed warriors or stealthy rogues, Vegetable soup and Cooked Venison are the best choices among other cooked foods Skyrim. Two pots of soup in essence provide the same benefits of restoring 1 point of Stamina and Heath per second for 12 minutes. The only difference is that Venison Stew restores a small amount of Stamina. Vegetable soup requires Tomato x 1, Cabbage x 1, Leek x 1, and Potato x 1. Venison Stew also calls Leek x 1 and Potato x 1 but replaces cabbage and tomato with (Raw) Venison x 1 and Salt Pile x 1. Both diners can restore 380 Hunger and allow unlimited shield bashes or power attacks.

How to Make the Best Cooked Food in Skyrim

The Best Skyrim Food Recipes

Magicians and other spell casters Skyrim take advantage of Elsweyr Fondue, a bold cooked meal that raises the Magicka pool by 100 points and renews Magicka faster and 25%. To cook Elsweyr Fondue, Skyrim Players will need Eidar Cheese Wheel x 1, Ale x 1, and Moon Sugar x 1. Of these three ingredients, Moon Sugar is hard to come by. However, a reliable source of unique substance is Khajiit Caravans in Skyrim.

Garlic bread is the next best cooked meal to The Elder Scrolls V, because it is a portable cure-all for ailments. However, making bread is a bit difficult, though Skyrim Players must first own one Hearthfire house and make an oven in it. Once players create an oven inside their home, they have access to some unique recipes, one of which is Garlic Bread. To do this, fans will need Garlic x 1, Bread x 1, and Butter x 1.

Finally, the Lavender Dumpling is a great snack when fighting formidable enemies with magic attacks like dragons or sorcerers. It restores a chunk of Health and temporarily raises Magicka by 10 points, but the dumpling’s main appeal is the 10% Magic Resistance for 60 seconds. Like Garlic Bread, Lavender Dumpling also requires a Hearthfire oven to make. The necessary ingredients are Sack of Flour x 1, Snowberries x 2, Lavender x 1, and Moon Sugar, the unique remedy that is useful in cooking and alchemy recipes of Skyrim.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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