Skyrim: How to Enter the Inner Sanctum

To capture Auriel’s Bow during the Dawnguard questline, Skyrim must enter the Inner Sanctum located within the Forgotten Vale.

During the Dawnguard search, “Touching Heaven, ” Skyrim Players join Serana on a mission to retrieve the mythical Auriel’s Bow from the Inner Sanctum. However, entering the Inner Sanctum is no easy task and the Dragonborn must fill the Initiate Ewer with water from the five Wayshrine located within the Forgotten Vale. Once the the sacred liquid is collected Skyrim, it must be poured into the basin to open the great doors of the Inner Sanctum.

After fighting their way through Darkfall Cave, the player and Serana meet Gelebor, one of the last two Snow Elves in Skyrim. Tasked with Dragonborn killing his rotten brother Vyrthur, he teleports the player to the first place where the waters of Ewer in Initiate must be removed, Wayshrine of Illumination. To get to the shrine, follow a winding path illuminated by small caterpillar-like creatures that light up the path. Upon arrival, the player will meet the ethereal Prelate Sidanyis, who presents himself as the caretaker of the shrine. After collecting the water, Dragonborn can proceed forward to the Forgotten Vale.


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The second shrine, the Wayshrine of Sight, is located near the beginning of the Forgotten Vale location in Dawnguard DLC. After fighting some enemy Saber Cats and going through some ruins, players must go northwest in a passage until they reach the second arc. From here, go right, walk north-east towards Wayshrine. Talk to the Prelate Athring and get the water for Ewer to Initiate.

Open the Inner Sanctum in Skyrim

How to Unlock the Inner Sanctum in Skyrim

The Wayshrine of Learning is the third shrine to be found in the second half of the Forgotten Vale. Players will encounter Wayshrine after following a partially frozen downstream and fighting through some Frostbite Spiders. Talk to Prelate Celegriath and fill out the ewer to proceed.

To get to the Wayshrine of Resolution, the Dragonborn must cross an icy lake guarded by two unique dragons, Naaslaarum and Voslaarum. After defeating or avoiding these two mini-bosses, head to the northwest bank of the lake to reach Wayshrine. Talk to Prelate Nirilor, and don’t forget to get the necessary water.

The last structure, the Wayshrine of Radiance, is farther away than the previous Wayshrines and requires Dragonborn to travel through Glacial Crevice, a cave system that crawls with Falmer. After reaching the fifth shrine, players can proceed to the Inner Sanctum. Use the full ewer of water in the basin in front of the entrance to enter. Wait a few minutes for a green glow to appear, opening the sun mechanism on the doors. With the door lock puzzle solved Skyrim, players can finally enter the Inner Sanctum.

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