Sleater-Kinney Details Dig Me Out Covers Album, Share Courtney Barnett’s “Words and Guitars”: Listen

Sleater-Kinney are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their third studio album Dig Me Out with the release of a new cover album: Dig Me In: A Dig Me Out Covers Album on October 21. A portion of the proceeds from the album will be donated to SMYRCan LGBTQIA+ youth center based in Portland.

Earlier this year, the band Wilco, St. Vincent, Courtney Barnett, Low, the Linda Lindas, Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires, Tunde Adebimpe on TV on the Radio will cover songs from the 1997 album, and now, the group has shared the full tracklist. The album will include new versions of the originals Dig Me Out songs performed by the aforementioned musicians, as well as Low, Black Belt Eagle Scout, Margo Price, and others.

Before the release, Courtney Barnett shared his cover of “Words and Guitars.” The track comes with a new lyric video which you can watch below.

“The artists who appeared in Dig Me In Not so much covering the 13 original songs, but reinterpreting and reimagining them,” Sleater-Kinney shared in a statement. “Through the extra layers or the hollowing out of the guitars and drums, they give new ways to the songs. Fresh anger, joy, pain, recovery, dizziness, and longing. Other interpretations slow down or lengthen the songs, trading urgency for meditation, fatigue or even a hint of ease.


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