Sleep Junkies will pay you $1,000 to eat cheese and then fall asleep

It’s an old myth: Don’t eat cheese before you go to bed because you won’t sleep.

And now a leisure research company wants to test the theory and pay you $1,000 for the privilege. Not only will the project seek to prove or disprove the idea but it will also analyze which cheeses affect consumers’ energy levels to the greatest extent.

The five ‘dairy dreamers’ will be hired by Sleep Junkie for a three month period and eat a variety of products before nodding off. Not only will they be able to finance their purchase of cheese but they will also be given a lump sum at the end.

Starting in March, participants will be given a list of which cheeses they should buy in the coming months. They will test one type of cheese each week and must eat it at the same time every night before bed.

After a week with one type of cheese they will break for a week to confirm their findings. The cheeses they will try range from blue, hard, soft ripened and processed to lactose-free and vegan.

Participants selected for the trial must also track their findings. They were asked to log their sleep quality through a tracker as well as provide a written assessment of how they slept. They should also provide insight into their energy levels throughout the week and provide notes on whether they had dreams—or nightmares.

Good candidates

Sleep Junkie has put together a list of requirements for their ideal candidates. Individuals must be at least 21 years of age; must have a smart watch or fitness tracker that evaluates sleep; and they should have a consistent sleep schedule already. They must also sleep alone for the duration of the test.

The company added that it is looking for people who are “self-starters, honest, have good writing skills and enjoy sleeping and eating”.

“Everyone knows the old wives tale that eating cheese before bed gives you nightmares but we want to know how much truth there is to that. Here at Sleep Junkie, we remain committed to making sure everyone gets a good night’s sleep, but what if it’s a cheese addict who needs a good night’s rest? Dorothy Chambers of Sleep Junkie said.

“We also know that it’s not just nightmares that can ruin a good night’s sleep, as other factors like not having one of the best mattresses can stop you,” Chambers added. “So we wanted to see if there was a link between different types of cheese and other symptoms that you might feel restless.”

Is waking up early healthy?

The study comes after experts said that people who wake up at 5 am in The start of their day may see improvements in their lives. Samantha Snowden, a mindfulness teacher at Headspacethe popular meditation app, says that getting up early boosts confidence because it feels like an accomplishment.

He adds that waking up early allows people to spend 10 extra minutes slowing down (even walking a bit slower to the shower in the morning), not checking emails too quickly, and practicing a message. to be kind. Some examples he offers include, “may my day be filled with ease, may I see a possibility today, may I walk into my first meeting with an optimistic attitude.”

“You examine the sensations in your body, your mood that morning, and you observe them without judgment, with openness,” Snowden said. “That sets the tone, that sets the rhythm, the speed, [and] the flow of your morning.”

This isn’t the first time Sleep Junkies has forked out for test subjects to help bolster its research. Earlier in the month Sleep Junkie said it would pay one lucky candidate $2,000 if they agreed to test and review various sleep devices.

The person must be a self-confessed insomniac and pay the equivalent of $250 an hour—and get all the high-tech sleep gear. Individuals involved in this eight-week project have been notified and applications are now closed.

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