Snack On These Fun Secrets About Guy’s Grocery Games

Easy? Well, on a whim, Fieri will move his competitors to shopping carts — or just let them shop in the frozen food section. “Watching these chefs fight it out,” the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives star admitted, “hysterical.”

Three rounds later, if they get that far, a champion will be named and given them a shopping spree even in Flavortown — and a chance to win $ 20,000.

“You can see people crashing and burning,” Fieri scoffed. “You can see the tears. You can see the wounds. You can see the fallen plates. It’s the real deal.”

And a real fun experience to watch. Today, we reveal the most delicious secrets about her reality series, from how the bleach blonde host actually moves behind the scenes to what the food really tastes like. Enjoy …

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