Sofia Richie Stuns Sparkly Look on Date Night With Elliot Grainge

But preparing for Sofia’s wedding isn’t all fun and games. Last December, she shared insight into her “strict diet” on Instagram Stories.

“My wedding is in a few months so I want to start early,” he wrote at the time. “I try my hardest to fast until 12 noon ( except for coffee ). For lunch I have a salad or a high protein meal. I eat my dinner around 630 pm, which is the last eating before I go to bed ( not. snacking).”

She added, “I try my hardest to avoid any carbs or sugar, but sometimes I give myself a little treat.”

In general, Sofia reminded her fans to follow their own journey when it comes to their appearance.

“You have to do what’s best for your body,” he urged. “Adding in some carbs isn’t terrible if you’re training hard. Hope this helps!”

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