South Park Announces Season 26 Premiere Date

Hold tight, maybe with your butt cheeks, because South Park returns for Season 26 on February 8.

To celebrate the return, Comedy Central shared a teaser trailer with the words, “There’s no place like here,” and a Season 9 clip of Butters receiving an unfortunate anal probe. Will that unforgettable moment get a callback in the new season? The teaser doesn’t say, and considering the short turnaround times where Trey Parker and Matt Bato work, it is possible that they themselves do not know, because Season 26 has not yet been written.

More outstanding questions include, how many episodes are there in Season 26? Season 25 consisted of only six episodes, although the creators remained busy with four special Paramount +: South Park: Post Covid, South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covid, and South Park: The Streaming Wars Part 1 and 2.

At least some of our questions will likely be answered before the February 8 premiere. For now, you can watch the teaser below. And if you’re in a nostalgic mood, come back South Parkof Red Rocks 25th anniversary concert featuring RUSH, Primus, Ween, and more. The concert special is now streaming on Paramount+.

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