Sparks Announce First Album for Island Records in 47 Years

Sparks announced their first new album for Island Records in 47 years. The Woman Crying into Her Latte on May 26. This will mark Sparks’ return to the label after parting ways following the release of their 1976 album Big Beat.

“One of the most memorable times for Sparks, one that forever strengthened our relationship with the UK and also exposed Sparks to a wider audience around the world, was the ’70s Island Records era,” the brother duo of Ron and Russell Mael said. in a statement. “[Former Island Records executives] Chris Blackwell, Muff Winwood, and co. it’s all on our album, Kimono My House, and released a truly non-conventional first single, ‘This Town Ain’t Big Enough for Both of Us.’ Their belief (and ours) has been proven correct: that there is a place for bold creativity and commercialism in pop music. And here we find ourselves in 2023, almost 50 years later, re-signed to Island Records, again with an album that we all feel is as bold and uncompromising as any that we have done before, or for that matter, at any time in our career. We are happy that after so much time, we have reunited with Isla, sharing the same spirit of adventure that we all had before, but with our new album, The Woman Crying into Her Latte.”

The Woman Crying into Her Latte is Sparks’ 26th studio album overall, following the 2020’s A Continuous Drip, Drip, Drip. Since that release, Sparks has been involved in two films: Edgar Wright’s The Sparks Brothers documentaries and musicals Annette, which they made with director Leo Carax. Sparks is also writing an upcoming musical epic called X Crucior. This is the band’s first venture into screenwriting.

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