Spirit Adrift Announces New Album, Releases “Death Can’t Stop Me”

Based in Austin Spirit Drift announced a new full-length album, Ghost at the Gallows, due August 18 via Century Media. Before the release, the metal band released a new song “Death Won’t Stop Me.”

“The gimmick of Spirit Adrift is simple: there is no gimmick,” Spirit Adrift frontman Nate Garrett said in a statement. “Great songs, lots of heavy riffs, catchy parts that make you want to bow your head and uplifting parts that make you want to fly to the sky.”

A press release said Ghost at the Gallows as Spirit Adrift’s “most fully realized work to date,” offering “a record that confidently stands at the crossroads of heavy metal at its most epic and elemental and hard rock at its most honest and heartfelt. “

Garret himself added, “Subconsciously, every album I do has a theme or a point to make. I didn’t realize it when I was writing, but the new album seems to contain the process of grief. I realized when I’m done with this lyrically all the stages of grief are there. It’s a way to mourn, it’s a way to mourn, to take the painful things that happen in our lives and make something strong and positive out of it. this. That’s been the goal of this band from day one.”

As for “Death Can’t Stop Me,” the track is true, pure heavy metal. The story follows a narrator “cursed with immortality” who experiences the rise and fall of empires, cataclysmic cosmic events and the passing of millennia while somehow remaining unscathed, the band explained. in a statement.

Watch the lyric video for “Death Won’t Stop Me” below, followed by the artwork and tracklist for Ghost at the Gallows.

Ghost at the Gallows Artwork:

Ghost at the Gallows Tracklist:
01. Give Him to the River
02. Barn Burner
03. Revenge of the Hanged Man
04. These Two Hands
05. Death Can’t Stop Me
06. I’ll Be Back
07. Mermaid of the South
08. Ghost at the Gallows

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