Spy Kids Reboot Happening With Gina Rodriguez & Zachary Levi

Yes, George Clooney is definitely in OG Spy Kids film, the Eleven at Sea star who made a small cameo as head of OSS/future President of the United States Devlin. He repeated the role of Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over.

Since then, he has been one of Hollywood’s most sought -after actors and directors, starring in flicks such as The Perfect Storm, O Brother, Where Are You ?, Gravity, The Monuments Men, Rejoice, Caesar! and many more. Clooney, 59, has won two Oscars, one for Syrians and one as producer for argotand the THE The alum is back on Hulu TV Arrested-22 in 2019.

The longtime bachelor is married to a human rights lawyer Amal Clooney in September 2014, continued to welcome their twins Alexander and Ella in 2017.

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