Squid’s New Bright Green Field Album

Brighton post-punk group squid just released their debut album, Bright Green Field. Stream it below via Apple Music and Spotify.

Bright Green Field contains 11 tracks in total, including previously released singles “Paddling” and “Narrator”. All the squid struggled to make the record, to be heard by the 30-person choir, the horn and string ensemble, and their strange use of bee field records. Producer Dan Carey’s props (black midi, Bat For Lashes, Hot Chip) for making it all the same in a way not too far removed from the weird moments of the LCD Soundsystem.

Back in March, we got a five piece band about various influences that helped with growth Bright Green Field. Along with that list is partner Mark Fisher Capitalist Realism, an old Chippenham tavern, and Deerhunter’s iconic song “Nothing Happened Again”. Also visit the interview HERE.

Physical copy of Bright Green Field now sold, including vinyl and CD releases, through Warp’s website. Check out the cover artwork and tracklist for those below.

Last year, Squid continued their rapid rise to post-punk fame by signing a deal with Warp Records. To celebrate the big step, they released several tracks, including “Sludge” and “Make the News”, in 2020.

Bright Green Field Artwork:

Bright Green Field through Squid’s album cover art

Bright Green Field Tracklist:
01. Resolution Frame
02. GSK
03. Narrator feat Martha Skye Murphy
04. Boy Racers
05. Paddling
06. Filmmaker Documentary
07. 2010
08. The Flyover
09. Peel St.
10. Global Groove
11. Pamphlets

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