Stanning BTS: My Universe with Coldplay

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In this week’s period Stanning BTS, Kayla and Bethany talk about “My Universe, ”The new hit collab with The BTS and Coldplay.

Share the conversation as your host discusses the lyrics of the song, production, music video, and documentary. In addition, they also talked about newly announced BTS tour dates in Los Angeles for “Allowing Dance on Stage,” tickets to be found at Ticketmaster.

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Stanning BTS a biweekly podcast about anything and everything BTS and ARMY. In each episode, hosts Kayla and Bethany find the right balance between research and fangirl. They immerse themselves in deep lyrics in album reviews, theory in music videos, and sometimes (like this week) even tell a favorite fanfic. In fact, there is no subject in BTS that is unlimited. Join the iconic ARMY to fan-out, laugh, and learn a little along the way.

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