Star Wars Photo Shows Steven Spielberg Dressed As Darth Vader

A fun passing photo posted on Star Wars Day shows George Lucas ’legendary director and friend, Steven Spielberg, dressed as Darth Vader.

A Bituon Wars the photo shows Steven Spielberg dressed as Darth Vader. Both Spielberg and Vader are cinema icons for different reasons. Spielberg has won four Academy Awards and is best known for his work as a film director. Darth Vader never won any awards during his tenure as a dreaded Sith Lord, but his impact on the galaxy for the most part is legendary.

Darth Vader, of course, is a character created by fellow iconic director and good friend Spielberg George Lucas. Luke did Star Wars back in the ’70s and made iconic characters like Darth Vader in his 1977’s screenplay A New Hope. The tragic downfall of Vader as the formerly heroic Jedi, Anakin Skywalker and his redemption of Return to the Jedi cemented Vader as one of the most famous villains in film history. Luke intended Anakin to bring the balance of Strength, but he can only do so after embracing the light and dark parts of his soul. Spielberg provides creative access to many important scenes in Star Wars films over the years.

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Amblin, the official film and television production company founded by Spielberg himself, posted a nice photo of the throw as a tribute to Star Wars Day. The image shows Spielberg in full Darth Vader’s period, complete with a thematic caption. Check out the throwback image below:

Even if you don’t know what year this photo was taken, it’s still good no matter what. What makes the photo even better is that Amblin actually tagged Mark Hamill in the post after the hashtag was included, “Luke I could have been your father. ” Would Darth Vader follow a different path if he had a supportive friend and a creative collaborator like Luke did with Spielberg? Fans might argue that Obi-Wan actually that’s a supportive friend, but Obi-Wan’s father-son friendship / pseudo and Anakin’s brother relationship didn’t help anyone in the long run.

Spielberg assisted Lucas in a few moments of Yoda’s fight with Palpatine in 2005 Revenge of the Sith. Ten years later, Spielberg is the one proposed to lead JJ Abrams in 2015 The Power awoke. Both Spielberg and Luke use legendary composer John Williams for most of their films in general. Spielberg and Lucas also correctly predicted that streaming would be the future of the film industry in 2013.

Although Spielberg was never officially ordered a Star Wars MOVIES, and Lucas sold Lucasfilm to Disney in 2012, the two men clearly made their lasting mark in the entertainment world in general. There are many iconic moments and movies in existence thanks to Luke and Spielberg. The force is always strong with Luke and Spielberg, and Darth Vader is just a hallmark of a legacy that will never burn.

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