Star Wars Remembers How Right Survived Order 66

How Kanan Jarrus (originally Caleb Dume) survived Order 66 is shown in 2015 Star Wars: Right, but The Bad Batch tells this story differently.

on Star Wars animated series, Star Wars: The Bad Batch, The existence of Kanan Jarrus in Order 66 also speaks, contradicting the Star Wars: Right comic series. Kanan Jarrus, formerly known as Caleb Dume, was the successor of Jedi Master Depa Billaba during the Clone Wars. When Order 66 done, Billaba is killed by the now -washed Clone Troopers, but Caleb escapes. Changing his name and abandoning his Jedi identity, Kanan became one of the main protagonists of Star Wars Rebels, worked as a smuggler and eventually Rebel. The specific details of Billaba’s sacrifice and Caleb’s survival are described in the first five issues of Star Wars: Right, but the opening order of The Bad Batch these events are also considered distinct, in large and small ways. What does this mean for comic series?

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the Star Wars The franchise spans more than four decades and, although film and television are the most popular media, it also includes many comics, novels, and videogames. The original timeline of the franchise, the Expanding Universe (renamed to Disney as Legends), has had its fair share of persistent moans over the years, but by the time it has become a universal, it has eliminated some of the differences through retcons For example, Boba Fett has many contradictory story of origin before the prequel trilogy, but it is repeated by rumors in the underworld that Fett has not tried to correct. The most unresolved mistakes in the continuation of Legends from 2008’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Which officially belongs to the same timelines, but is considered by some fans to be just part of Canon.

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on Star Wars: Right Comics, Caleb and Billaba are at a campfire in Kaller with Clone Officers Gray and Styles, laughing at the comedies of the issuance of Order 66. Commander Gray receives the order from Darth Sidious, who activates his and each chip to prevent the clone. Depa Billaba stops the clones while Caleb escapes, paying with his life. For the next four issues, Caleb is chased by Gray and Styles until the first resists his implant and sacrifices himself and Styles to save the young padawan. The Bad Batch These events are described with many weighty variations (the color of Billaba’s blade, the appearance of the Style’s armor, and the event that took place during the day), but their description generally does not agree with the version. in comics.

Right Rebels

Instead of focusing on Gray and Style, Caleb’s best friend, The Bad Batch centered on Clone Force 99 and their confusion at the sudden order to kill the Jedi (and completely removed Gray). This is understandable, given that they are the protagonists of the show, but this imagery also removes the tragedy, sacrifice, and shift in the comic’s depiction. Instead of surviving the sacrifice initiated by Gray’s will for the good of his friend, Caleb escapes thanks to Hunter for not being brainwashed at first. Despite a short, twelve issue series, Star Wars: Right well received by readers, and may no longer be considered a canon.

Look, this isn’t the first time Canon has contradicted itself. The epic and sad ending of the last four episodes The Clone Wars in contrast to the elements of the 2016 novel Ahsoka. as The Bad Batch’s pilot episode, the two depictions cannot coexist. The Mandalorian also made significant changes to Mandalorian culture not shown or referenced in The Clone Wars or Rebels, but the second season of the show addresses this issue by explaining that these rules only apply to Din Djarin’s tribe. This is similar to many Legends era retcon which fixes most continuity issues. In two different versions of how the Right of Order 66 existed, Star Wars Canon may need to use a medium-based tier system to want properties Star Wars: The Bad Batch and Star Wars: Right can be combined without heavy hand retcons.

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