Star Wars Reveals The Empire’s First Death Trooper as a Bad Clone of the Batch

The end of the first episode of Bad Batch suggests that one of the members of Clone Force 99 was the original Death troop for the Empire.

Near the end of the first stage of The Bad Batch a surprise reveal suggests that the former Clone Force 99 the Crosshair member was the earliest death trooper. It is after an entire period of mockery that Crosshair will leave his clone brothers and become loyal to the newly established Galactic Empire. Could it be the moment the troops of death are born?

Death troops were first introduced to A Rogue: A Star Wars Story as in the opening scene of the film they were shown with Director Orson Krennic to help the kidnapped Galen Erso, the architect of the Death Star. From that scene, they were portrayed by various Star Wars media as the most familiar of the Empire’s military forces, even if they weren’t in the original trilogy even though they were set at the same time. You have more skills than that the typical stormtrooper, death troops are trained in various forms of combat and sent on the highest missions. Their weaponry also varies from the standard weapon worn by stormtroopers. Not only is it all black, but it provides even more protection and technology. Death trooper helmets are equipped with various sensors and monitors to assist them in covert missions. In addition, they are provided with even more sophisticated weapons, suited to their unique and elite range of skills.

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The time of Crosshair’s arrival as a member of the Empire strongly indicates that he was the original death trooper. When he made his last appearance on stage, Crosshair tore down his old Bad Batch shield in favor of a new all-black Imperial shield. This is not yet the exact copy of the death trooper’s weapon seen on Trendy One but probably a prototype. Order 66 occurred at 19 years BBY, and the arrest of Galen Erson in Trendy One, which took place about six years ago, meant that there were many changes in the armor of the dead troops over the course of time. Crosshair’s new armor could be the first edition of the armor that in the near future will scare anyone who sees it.

Crosshair in Star Wars The Bad Batch

Prior to joining Empire, Crosshair was the sharpshooter of Clone Force 99. His genetic modification gave him a knack for incredible vision and resilience. This can be clearly shown in this first stage of The Bad Batch when he is able to accurately shoot a knife from the air (thrown by his former team leader Hunter) and at the same time, direct it at the head of an enemy droid. That’s in contrast to the unmatched combat skill that would later become characteristic of death row soldiers.

One of the hallmarks of a death troop is their sharpshooting ability. While many comedies are made to cost malicious intent of stormtroopers while shooting, the opposite is true for a death troop. If a stormtrooper doesn’t hit a Bantha from 20 yards away, a death trooper can cut its nails from 100 yards away, they’re deadly. Who better to be a template and perhaps even a future teacher of this kind of shooting mastery than Crosshair? It is reasonable that his skill set plays a large role in the traits sought by future death troops.

It’s no coincidence that the first canonical appearance of troops dying occurred shortly after Crosshair’s defects from his old team to the Empire. Having an elite soldier of his caliber is a priority to help maintain control of post-Clone Wars. As the episode progressed, Crosshair’s loyalty and adherence to this new cause was actually increased by the Empire, by the chip banning his brain, and he left his comrades out of the The Bad BatchThe Clone Force 99. This combination of skill and loyalty makes Crosshair the perfect soldier, one who needs special armor to isolate him and improve his already ample skill. And his in It shows it actually is the first arrival of a death troop in Star Wars.

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