Stardew Valley: How to Light All 4 Candles

Stardew Valley allows players to control a farm and take care of animals. Here’s how to Light All 4 Candles for Grandpa’s Evaluation.

Stardew Valley is a life simulation game where players take over a farm after their grandfather dies. This guide will help players light all 4 candles in the grandfather’s shrine. Stardew Valley removed our main protagonist out of his town lifestyle in a quiet and sad little farm town. Here, players take care of running the farm from raising drops, taking care of livestock, and customizing their own property. In addition to just caring for a farm, players can explore caves and get monsters for materials. In town, the player can meet someone new characters they can form bonds. If the bond is strong, the player can get married. The player has three years in-game to form and perfect their field before being checked. Stardew Valley wearing his inspirations on his arm, pulling from games like Animal Crossing, Minecraft, ug Harvest Moon. This guide will help players light all 4 candles from the player’s deceased grandfather.


Grandpa was the main reason our playable character came to take over Stardew Valley. He sent the player a letter giving him a farm house, the main reason the player decided to take action. A shrine was left by the community to commemorate him. Players can find Grandpa’s Shrine in the northwest corner of The Farm. At the beginning of the third year, Grandpa returns from the dead to evaluate how far his farm has come from being controlled by the player character. In Grandpa’s shrine there are four candles. Each shines based on specific behavior. This guide will show players how to light all 4 of the candles.

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Lighting these four candles will also reward players with objects and statues. Players get 2-8 Iridium Ores each day if they have successfully lit all four candles. Players can also team up with the Shrine to obtain a Statue of Perfection. Players can evaluate their progress by visiting Grandpa’s ghost Stardew Valley any hour after the first day of the third year. However, players have to cough up a Diamond to check the situation each time.

How to Light All 4 Candles in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Grandpas Ghost

The number of candles lit depends on what the player has done during their first two years before Grandpa returns to evaluate them. There is a point system that determines how many candles are lit, with a total of 21 points to be collected. The player only needs to get 12 points to light all 4 candles. Here’s how to get the points Stardew Valley

Earn Points Through Stardew Valley Income

Stardew Valley House is a farm

Achieving specific financial goals will give the player a point. Here’s how much money a player needs to get to get a point

  • 50,000g: 1 point
  • 100,000g: 1 point
  • 200,000g: 1 point
  • 300,000g: 1 point
  • 500,000g: 1 point
  • 1,000,000g: 1 point

This leaves the player with a huge total of 7 points earned just by money.

Get Points Beyond the Stardew Valley Level

Stardew Valley is a farm

There are two ways to get points by leveling up Stardew Valley.

  • There are 30 skill levels: 1 point
  • There are 50 skill levels: 1 point

Only two points can be found by leveling up, but that leaves the player with 9 points so far.

Earn Points Through Stardew Valley Achievements

Stardew Valley Museum

Here’s how to get points through some achievements in the game.

Three points can be collected through achievements, leaving the player with 12 points. The player now has enough points to light all 4 candles. However, there are many ways to achieve game points.

Get Points Through Friendships in Stardew Valley

Wedding in Stardew Valley

Building bonds with NPC characters is another way to earn points. Here’s how.

  • Married with at least two home improvements: 1 point
  • A friendship with eight hearts with five villagers: 1 point
  • A friendship with eight hearts with ten villagers: 1 point
  • A friendship with your pet that has at least four hearts: 1 point

For home upgrades, it is better to choose the nursery and kitchen to get the point of checking. Adding another home upgrade didn’t change anything. This leaves the player with a total of 16 points.

Other Ways to Get Points in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Community Center

These are techniques that do not stay in any of the above categories, but also give the player points for completing them.

  • Complete Community Center: 1 point
  • Complete the Community Center Completion Ceremony: 2 points
  • Getting the Skill Key: 1 point
  • Get the Rusty Key: 1 point

Along with completing these tasks, the player now has every point available Stardew Valley. Once again, the player only needs 12 of a total of 21 points to light all four candles. If the player has enough points, go to the shrine to check. All four candles will be lit and the player will be rewarded with the Statue of Perfection. The Statue of Perfection rewards the player with 2-8 Iridium Ore per day. This ore can be melted in bars and used for a variety of manufacturing purposes. It is important to mention that doing any of these with the intention of lighting candles before the start of Year 3 is impossible. Just play through the game organically and the player must receive at least 12 of the required points.

Players can also check how many of their points are by going to the menu and browsing Stardew Valleysuccess section. Players can complete many milestones simply by playing story, mining, and farming. Most players earn 30 skill points just by playing the game. If players feel they have all the required achievements and points, they can check their progress by placing a Diamond in the Shrine. Placing the diamond will summon Grandpa’s ghost, and he will tell players their progress. Players can do this any time they want because there is no time limit to light all four candles after the third year.

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Stardew Valley now available on PC, iOS, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and Tesla Arcade.

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