Stassi Schroeder celebrates Daughter’s 1st B-Day With VR Stars

the former Bravo star Also provides a behind the scenes look at all the beautiful little decorations for her daughter’s special day, which includes a gallery wall full of Hartford photos, wrapped in paper with images of him for gifts, and a birthday cake for one. .

Amidst all the festivities, Stassi also shared a sweet image of herself kissing her husband and congratulating them on parenting.

“Okay but it’s a celebration for us too,” he captioned the pic. “One year down as parents.”

On Hartford’s actual birthday, Stassi wrote an emotional Instagram post to his “beloved girl,” calling him “the most spunky, determined, curious, bossy, bright, funny, demanding, friendly, dramatic, confident, independent, thoughtful, sweet blue-eyed baby.”

He continues, “Beaut has gained character strength over a number of days … and he has given me the best year of my life.”

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