Steve Carell Returns to the Office as Gru

Universal Images dropped a clever and fun novelty Minions: The Rise of Gru promo for the upcoming animated sequel, featuring the return of Steve Carell as Gru. The promo featured Carell’s Gru and the Minions as they parody the iconic opening credits of the popular sitcom The office. The family comedy film is set to arrive on July 1, 2022.

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Brian Lynch wrote, Minions: The Rise of Gru served as a continuation of the 2015 film Minionsthis time focusing on the Minions (Pierre Coffin) during their first encounter with a young Felonious Gru (Steve Carell), a 12-year-old who has a dream of becoming the world’s greatest supervillain.

See Minions‘version of The office opening credits below:

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“In the heart of the 1970s, amidst lots of furry hair and flaming jeans, Gru grew up in the suburbs. A fanboy of a supervillain supergroup known as Vicious 6, Gru devised a plan that could be evil to join. them.Fortunately, he got a backup to create chaos from his loyal followers, the Minions.Together, Kevin, Stuart, Bob, and Otto — a new Minion sporting braces and a desperate need to cheer — spread their skills as they and Gru build their first residence, experiment with their first weapons, and pull off their first missions, official synopsis.

“When Vicious 6 fired their leader, the legendary warrior Wild Knuckles (Alan Arkin), Gru was interviewed to become their new member. It wasn’t good (to say the least), and only get worse after they are defeated by Gru and suddenly find his own mortal enemy at the peak of evil.In the run, Gru turns to an unlikely source for guidance, Wild Knuckles himself, and discovers that even bad people need a little help from their friends.

The film also stars Taraji P. Henson as the cool and confident leader of Vicious 6, Belle Bottom, Jean-Claude Van Damme as Jean Clawed, Lucy Lawless as Nunchuck, Dolph Lundgren as Revenge, and Danny Trejo as Stronghold.

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