Steve Keene, Cover Artist for Silver Jewels and Asparagus, Announces New Book

Steve Keene, the artist behind the album art for Pavement’s Wowee Zowee and Silver Jews The Arizona Record, there is a new book of deeds. The Steve Keene Art Book: Live from Subliminal Projects LA, CA collects paintings featuring a 2016 exhibition at Shepard Fairey’s gallery in Los Angeles. There is a crowdfunding campaign to see the project through publication, see more about that HERE.

In addition to his emphasis on the musical subject and involvement in decades of indie rock in the 1990s, Keene is known for his unique style of making, painting over a dozen works at a time on pieces of plywood. . According to a press release about The Steve Keene Art Book, Keene has created more than 300,000 works in this way during his lifetime, with about 800 of them to be found in the book.

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