Stick-On Drawer Organizers – Cheap, Quick and Easy!

Why Stick-On Drawer Organizer?

  • Quick and Easy – install right in your home with a small tool in just a few minutes
  • Removable without damaging the drawers
  • Easy to reconfigure
  • Cheap – about $5 for this drawer as shown
  • Works on almost any drawer, including metal sides

DIY drawer dividers supplies

What You Need

  • 3/8″ or 1/2″ Plastic C Channel (available from Amazon here) – thickness of matching board
  • 3/8″ or 1/2″ thick pieces of wood, 2-1/2″ wide most popular but can do other widths for deeper or shallower dividers (available at Lowes of Menards) – matching the thickness of the c-channel
  • Mounting tape, 1/2″ wide, I use it
  • Pruning Shears or Heavy Duty Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Jigsaw or other saw for cutting wood to length

More about Choosing a Tree

3/8″ wood is what is shown in the photos and videos. I have also done 1/2″. Both are fine, it really depends on which wood you have available.

The depth shown in these photos and video is 1-1/2″ (may say 2″ when purchased but actual dimension is 1-1/2″). I like this shallow depth because it’s easy to reach. in small spaces when depth is short Avoid tall, narrow dividers that are difficult to reach.

For wood types, I use pine. There are other options, either softer wood like balsa, or more expensive hardwood. Everything is fine. You can even use hardwood plywood that is torn up.

How Much Material Do I Need?

For my one drawer shown, I used 1 foot of c-channel and about 2 linear feet of wood board. My advice is to buy the c-channel pack from Amazon, and then just cut it up and use it as you go around the house, you want to fit all your drawers!


This method is simple, I really like to just make the dividers in place, so I can section the drawer into the contents that can be used to measure and fit. This is the beauty of this method – just open a drawer, add a divider, and keep adding dividers until you’re satisfied. And if you mess up, unstick and put it back.

How To Make Your Own Stick In Drawer Dividers

Remove the drawer and clean it thoroughly. The sides must be clean so that the mounting tape will stick.

Measure and mark where to place the first divider.

DIY drawer dividers

Cut the C-channel with pruning shears or heavy duty scissors. The cut length should match the width of the board – in my example, I used 1-1/2″ wide boards, so I cut my c-channel pieces 1-1/2 ” the height. You will need two pieces of c-channel per divider.

DIY drawer organizer

Cut the mounting tape to fit the back of the channel and place on the back.

DIY drawer organizer

Place the c-channel pieces inside the drawer. TIP: I measured and marked the centers, making sure the mark was visible when placing the c-channel in place.

cutting wood with a jigsaw

Measure the inside of the c-channel and cut the pieces of wood to fit, so the pieces fit snugly but not too tightly. I used a jigsaw to cut.

DIY drawer organizer

Insert the cut piece of wood into the c-channels.

diy wood organizer drawer

Repeat as desired – the more dividers you add, the more stable the system will be.

DIY wood drawer organizer

Quick Video on Stick On Drawer Organizers


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