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Amua Track by Track The feature series gives artists room to break down each song from their latest release. Now, Chicago rockers Post Animal is diving in Love Gibberish.

Post Animal was in the middle of a round when the first pandemic lock hit. Their vibey sophomore LP Forward Motion Godyssey has just fallen and the Chicago quintet seems ready to continue their upward trend. Then, like the others, their trajectory turns to the left.

Undeterred, the band-made up of Dalton Allison, Jake Hirshland, Javier Reyes, Wesley Toledo, and Matthew Williams-immediately took advantage of the newly found free time. The group initially sold demos and ideas recorded in each member’s individual home, before reconvening the Hirshland family farm to put it all together.

The result is Love Gibberish, an optimistic, multi-genre record that sees the band willing to indulge in any and all of their influences. From Van Halen’s worship of “No More Sports” on guitar psychedelia in “Don’t Go That Way,” Post Animal had fun and they weren’t afraid to show it off.

The exciting album serves as a way to deal with the complexities of life, especially the struggles that have taken place over the past few years. Love Gibberish aims to be a comforting, understanding statement for anyone in need of companionship.

“If you feel like you’re alone, don’t be afraid to contact someone,” the band said. consequences. “Just know that you have what it takes to face any of life’s challenges. You’ve got it, and we’re sending our love and support our way!”

Despite its name, Love Gibberish makes a lot of sense. At the dawn of summer, the caring, positive nine-track wouldn’t have come a moment earlier. Stream the album below, followed by the band’s breakdown of each track. Post Animal is also in the middle of their latest tour. You can get tickets on the remaining dates HERE.

“Bolt from Above”:

This song comes from a sense of clarity in a dark time. It’s meant to be a basic growth song and an encouragement to love and accept ourselves fully – knowing it can be hard sometimes!

“The Love Problem”:

This song is about how useful a deep love connection is, even if it’s not always easy to find. It’s told by these big synth swells and is even bigger than the guitars of life that show so many great feelings that we humans can tap into when we discover a connection like that.

“No More Sports”:

This song is an ode to early arena rock in the ’80s with a twist of ego death. All bravado in a hairy metal song with lyrics that examine self-responsibility. We all deserve to be released into the circle of life’s pit, but not at the expense of others. We don’t play anymore.

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