Stream Black Covers’ New Song “Going Down South”

There are only a few days until The Black Keys drop their upcoming blues cover album Delta Kream on May 14. Now, the duo are back to share another before the release date. It was called “Going Down South” and it saw the band pay homage to the later famous RL Burnside. Stream it below.

“Going Down South” is a bonafide blues rock classic, and it’s been around for a long time on live shows at The Black Keys. Here, it gets an honest studio recording that sees the band paying respect to the man whose steps they didn’t go through, especially in the company of some Burnside teammates. They can be seen performing the song along with the music video as snapshots of iconic southern spots – Blue Front Cafe, Aikei Pro’s record shop, Blues Alley in Holly Springs – pass through the car window.

In an Apple Music 1 interview with Zane Lowe, And Auerbach explained how this specific rendition of “Going Down South”. “I had a session here with Robert Finley and I invited these guys, especially this one guy, Kenny, who was a guitar player for RL Burnside. And he played a ton of records like that. me, Junior Kimbrough notes, all different, ”Auerbach said.“ I also invited this guy named Eric Deaton. He’s a bass player, crazy good player. Hill country, he’s like an encyclopedia with that kind of music, with a particular mountain music. And I invited him to ride, we were happy. I called Pat, I was like, ‘Man, you come here, we just have to play a little bit to have fun.’ Because I just thought he really liked Kenny. And a day and a half later, yes, we had a record. ”

This is the second solo distributed by The Black Keys Delta Kream Currently, following their take on John Lee Hooker in 1949 hit “Crawling Kingsnake”. Both tracks make it clear that The Black Keys not only want to pay homage to the Mississippi Hill Country blues tradition that influenced them in their early days, but also to introduce a younger generation of blues. icons they don’t know, like Ranie Burnette and David Kimbrough, Jr.

Preliminary orders with Delta Kream continues today. it served as a follow-up to The Black Keys in the years 2019 Batoon ta and their special 10th anniversary deluxe edition of Brethren which hit the shelves late last year.

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