Stream Burial and New EP Shock Power of Love by Blackdown

British electronic artists Burial and Blackdown teamed up for the new split EP Shock Power of Love. Stream it below using Apple Music or Spotify.

Via Stereogum, the two Londoners had collaborated once before, when Burial performed Blackdown’s “Crackle Blues” in 2006. Shock Power of Love features four tracks put together for 27 minutes of new music. Each producer contributed two songs; The funeral is responsible for a pair of nine -minute epics, “Dark Gethsemane” and “Space Cadet,” while Blackdown shares the relatively compact “This Journey VIP” and a remix of Heatdown’s “Arklight”.

Last year, Burial teamed up with Four Tet and Thom Yorke for new songs “His Revolution” and “Between Him”, and he followed that up with a 12-minute solo statement “Chemz”.

Shock Power of Love EP Artwork:

Shock Power of Love EP tracklist:

01. This VIP Journey (Blackdown)
02. Dark Gethsemane (Burial)
03. Arklight – Blackdown Remix (Blackdown and Heatmap)
04. Space Cadet (Burial)

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