Stream Mitski’s New Song “The End” from the Graphic Novel Soundtrack

Tomorrow brings the release of Here We Fall, a new graphic novel from author Chris Miskiewicz and actor Vincent Kings. Coming from Z2 Comics (the people behind Sturgill Simpson’s Voice and Anger and the Blondie graphic novel), the story is accompanied by a three-song soundtrack from Myth. the Be a Cowboy songwriter who conjured the OST’s “The Baddy Man”, and now he’s sharing “The End”.

“The End” is an instrumental alternative cutting, dark dream synths that climb behind a cacophonous wall of percussion and crooked guitars. Mitski doesn’t lend his singing to the track; instead, a male voice speaks as one of the characters comes from Here We Fall. “This is the kind of job that takes a bastard to try it,” this brutally pronounced cowboy (actually miskiewicz himself) says, “and with luck, the most bastard to walk the Earth just here. ”

Here We Fall mixed Western aesthetics and sci-fi-something that Mitski clearly took when making his soundtrack. Speaking to consequences about what it’s like to work with Mitski on the score, Kings said, “I know what Here We Fall oughta look, but what Mitski did for what it is sound like complete magic to me. I can’t read the book without writing the tracks in my mind right now. ”

Miskiewicz added,

“Making the original score for Here We Fall turned out to be a real collaboration. Mitski perfectly captured the vibe we wanted and created stellar compositions that perfectly matched the ‘country’ tone of the world we created. I personally created several lines of dialogue from the script for both tracks, while Mitski did his rendition of ‘The Baddy Man’ based on a scene where it was made in the book. I can’t describe how exciting it will be to not only write and watch this story as it develops, but also hear it. I think the next best thing after this experience is to combine it with the artists. ”

While we wait to see if the live-action Here We Fall always comes to fruition, you can check out some exclusive pages from the release ahead while listening to Mitski’s “The End” on SoundCloud. TPB and the full three -song vinyl OST will both be released on May 5. Get them on Z2 website.

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