Stream Robert Plant and Alison Krauss ‘High and Lonesome’

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss did not write an original song for their Grammy winning 2007 album Rising sand, and 11 of the 12 tracks in the upcoming sequel Raise the Roof lids. But “High and Lonesome” is something new: a new tone, co-written by Plant and producer T Bone Burnett that’s as enjoyable as any of Plant’s recent discography.

The bluesy track chugs are accompanied by a four -note guitar riff, accompanied by crisp playing and sometimes written with immediate claps of hand claps. Plant triple-up phrases like, “I need to find my love,” and “Does he still think about me,” that put a little slack on the first word. Krauss and Burnett sang backup vocals, the latter adding a ghostly whisper and the former flashing high on the Plant topline like smoke high on the fire. Check out “Tall and Single” below.

Raise the Roof arrived on the 19th of November and pre-order continued. Previously, the duo shared “Can’t Get Out,” a cover of a Randy Weeks song performed by Lucinda Williams. Last month, 72-year-old Plant raised an eyebrow at what he said that if the bands continue for several decades, “It’s starting to look sad skin.”

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