Stream Smol Data’s New Song “Salaried (Bankruptcy Eve)

Long Island-based musician Karah Goldstein records jangly, emo-leaning guitar pop under the name Smol data. The actress recently shared the new track “Salaried (Bankruptcy Eve)”, which is not on her debut LP There is no surprise Store, due May 14 at Open Door Records and Break Camera Records.

Smol Data’s music sits at the root of fellow pop acts sleepers like Adult Mother and illuminati hotties, creating tracks around simple pop song structures cut by stolen guitars and a strong DIY aesthetic. On his new track, Goldstein seeks to head into the worlds of full-time work. “So expensive, let me tell you, did he get paid? Will his invoices be paid? Does she boil tea pots and planted trees at her parents ’house when she’s at home for the holidays? ”, He sings. Billy Mannino of the bear bear helped master the album, and his direction can be heard on the track as the buzzing intro progresses to a rollicking full band. You can watch the full track below.

“Salaried (Bankruptcy Day)” was the second flavor of his album after releasing “An Emotional Day of Work” Last month. There is no surprise Store now available for pre-order

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