Stream Toledo’s New Song “David” and New Version of “Sunday Funday”

Toledo, the Brooklyn-based duo named Ohio, revealed their new song “David”. The solo has an accompanying version of “Sunday Funday” from February Jockeys of Love EP on the B-side.

In “David”, Daniel Álvarez de Toledo and Jordan Dunn-Pilz create a dream come true to share trauma and communal healing, with discoveries of guitars and occasional banjo advances supported by slow, slow-moving shuffling drums. “‘ David ’was written for my younger brother,” Dunn-Pilz said in a statement. As brothers and sisters, we share the same emotional feelings, but we process things differently as individuals. The song comes from a longing for healing despite the variations. ”

Like the alternative version of “Sunday Funday”, it’s brighter than the original, with a new layered vocal floating at the top of the aka banjo backbone. This rendition is slightly shorter, offering a more compact take on the themes of drug abuse and helplessness.

Check out the same tracks below.

In February, Toledo spoke consequences about Origins on “Sunday Funday”.

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