Streaming Deap Vally’s New Song “I Want Crime” Featuring Jennie Vee

As in Deap Vally ready for their future American Cockroach The EP, the Los Angeles duo shared the new song “I Want Crime” featuring Jennie Vee on Death Metal Eagles.

“I Like Crime” finds its forward push with a chunky bass line and a ripped, muscular guitar. “It’s a crime!” Lindsey Troy sings, “But I want it / If I lived at a different time / Maybe I wouldn’t hide it.” All the while, Julie Edwards kept rolling her drum kit halfway between the third and fourth beat of each scale, making the rhythm section seem to lean on the next phrase.

In a statement, Deap Vally wrote, “Jennie Vee, as it turns out, was our perfect partner in crime. We enjoyed the jam and after we did this song. She was REALLY a total shredder. .As the song is done, it ends up being about the nuances of right and wrong, legal and illegal, and the compulsion that we should all do what we want.

Vee also voiced the part of collaboration. “Recording with Julie and Lindsey felt so fresh but natural at the same time,” she said. “It’s the first time I’ve experienced jumping into the studio to figure out the ideas that lead to a complete song very quickly. Getting started is always the hardest part of the songwriting process, but in this case the three of us, we just had to show up that day and from there the music was taken as our guide.Then it was up to us to put it all together.‘I Like Crime ’faced me as a groovy but urgent, an adaptation of the situation. I’m excited, I’m excited, and will show up for Deap Vally and the music anytime! “

American Cockroach skitters from June 18 at Vinyl Cooking, ug pre-order already there and running.

This is the latest collaborative effort from Deap Vally. In February, they split the Digital Dream EP with Peach, jennylee in Warpaint, Zach Dawes in The Last Shadow Puppets, Jamie Hince in The Kills, and KT Tunstall. Last year they fell Deap ngabil, produced in conjunction with The Flaming Lips.

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