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The 10th anniversary of Farmers!The 2011 album was dropped Hi Kasubo coming soon later this November. However, that doesn’t stop the likes of cult indie rockers in the UK from celebrating a bit, as they just released a new EP of songs from that era. It’s called Whole Damaged Body and it will be available for exclusive streaming via Bandcamp below.

This new EP boasts seven songs written and recorded immediately before, during, or after the recording of Hi Kasubo. In fact, six of the seven songs on the EP will be available through Heat Rash, the 7-inch subscription zine series run by the band at the time of the album’s original release. Since then, none of these songs have been available to stream or purchase – until now, of course.

Back when they recorded these songs, Los Campesinos! they include Tom Bromley, Gareth David, Neil Turner, Kim David, Jason Adelinia, Ellen Waddell, and Rob Taylor. Harriet Coleman also contributed vocals and violin, and some bonus horns were played by Samantha Boshnack and Nelson Bell for “Tiptoe Through the True Bits”.

Whole Damaged Body available to purchase as a digital download at the official Los Campesinos! Bandcamp page. Preview the cover art and tracklist for it after the jump.

This is just the latest anniversary celebration in Los Campesinos! Back in 2018, they hit the road for a 10th anniversary tour with Hold On Now, Young People… and We Are Beautiful, We Are Destroyed. For a band that comes out of the gate swinging fast and never let go, Los Campesinos! it’s worth surrounding special releases as well and unreleased material alike to celebrate these milestones, if only to remind listeners that, yes, they really are – and still are! – that’s good.

Whole Damn Body EP Artwork:

Los Campesinos' Whole Damaged Body EP!  album artwork cover art

Whole Damaged Body EP Tracklist:
01. Going to the Blues
02. Help Luck
03. He Crows (Documented Minor Emotional Disruption # 4)
04. Tiptoe Through Real Bits
05. Four Seasons
06. At The Boneyard
07. Old Leaves, Dark Sees pt. I

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