Streaming New Album at St. Paul’s House

St. revealed his seventh studio album, Dad’s house. Stream it below on Apple Music and Spotify.

As it turns out, it’s not Annie Clark Encouraged by the tool record waiting for some fans. However, Dad’s house from a very personal place, written after his father’s release from prison in 2019.

It does Jack Antonoff, who previously worked with Clark in the 2017’s MASSEDUCTION, the 14-song collection avoids the kinetic synth pop of the previous album in favor of a more “sad, evil” sound, rooted in the classic funk and soul records he heard in the record collection of his father growing up.

“I’d say it sounds like being down and outtown in New York, 1973. Glamor of not sleeping in three days”, Clark said of the album in an interview with MOJO. He added that he draws inspiration from the likes of Stevie Wonder and Sly & the Family Stone. “Music made in New York from 1971-76, mostly post-flower child, started hippie idealism from it, America was in a recession but pre-disco, the kind of fierce, raw, there is no shame in that. “

As previews of Dad’s house, Shared by St. “Pay Your Way to Illness”, “The Melting of the Sun”, ug “Down”. Last month, he was able to return a very tasty show of Saturday Night Live, and later he spoke consequences and Kyle Meredith Uban about making the album and his plans to tour.

Dad’s house Artwork:

St. Vincent's Pope's Home Artwork

Dad’s house Tracklist:
01. Pay Your Way to Illness
02. Down and Out Downtown
03. Dad’s house
04. Living the Dream
05. The Melting of the Sun.
06. Humming (Within 1)
07. The Laughter of Laughter
08. Descended
09. Humming (Interlude 2)
10. The One Like Me
11. My Baby Wants
12.… At the Holiday Party
13. Darling Candy
14. Humming (Interlude 3)

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