Strength and Level | Jim Daly

In 1979, a passenger jet carrying 250 people left New Zealand for a sightseeing tour of Antarctica. Unbeknownst to the pilots, their flight coordinates were small, only one degree. A small error, but it put them almost 30 miles off course by the time they reached Antarctica. Before the pilots could correct the error, the plane crashed into Mount Erebus killing all on board.

Small mistakes accumulate over time. If something is off course by just one degree, after a foot, it will miss the target by an eighth of an inch. After 100 yards, you are off the course by five feet. After a mile, you are 90 feet away. The further away you are, the greater the error.

That principle is the reason your golf ball goes 30 yards into the fairway. And this is gospel for architects, construction workers, and bricklayers. In their world, a foundation that isn’t level will multiply its flaws throughout the structure.

There is an application for your life too. In your marriage, your parenting, and your career, your choices – for better or for worse – accumulate over time.

The solution is to anchor yourself in values ​​that are firm and level. Build your world on a foundation that includes friends, family, and meaningful faith. If the ground beneath you is firm, the structure of your life will grow straight and true (Matthew 7:24-25).

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