Succession Season 4 Episode 9 Recap: “Church and State”

[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for Succession, Season 4 Episode 9, “Church and State.”]

Finally it’s the day of Logan Roy’s funeral (a more than fitting focus for the penultimate episode of following), a solemn occasion surrounded by the chaos that erupted in his name. Does Logan want to see America about to explode, after what is sure to be a contentious and contentious election night? Roman certainly thinks so — and it’s hard to deny that Logan certainly doesn’t hate the ratings.

This is a show that loves a good rug-pull, or to put it another way – a comeuppance. So if the opening minutes of “Church and State” show the Roman preparing his way by preparing the eulogy, it is clear that a change is coming, but what form will it take after everyone has gone in the church where Logan’s services will be held – not such an easy proposition, since “the people” literally took to the streets to protest the election results. (Shiv tried to get Matsson to release the issues with his India numbers under the smokescreen of election confusion; he seemed unconvinced that this was enough.

For the record, if you freeze frame the New York Times article Tom reads, you’ll be happy to see that the show’s art department put a real effort into making it feel real. There are no dummies Lorem Ipsum text here; instead, there is some real insight into how the general public might actually see these characters, whose personal spin cycles dominate the show’s narrative. the Times Kendall’s blurb, for example, refers to him as a whistleblower whose reputation for doing so is tarnished by his continued involvement with Waystar, and the paper’s sources well, accurately identify Roman as the key voice behind the calling the election for Mencken.

(Also, it refers to Darwin Perry as a “disgraceful servant,” which may be too much of an editorial, but who knows who runs the Times in this universe? The point is, fingers crossed that by the time you read this, HBO has figured out a way to share the full extent of “the Times coverage” with following fans online.)

Everyone had their issues that morning, between the traffic, the Times, and a frightened Rava decides to take her and Kendall’s children out of town due to the escalating violence, a move that prompts an angry Kendall to express her interest in full custody of children. At least Kendall’s poor assistant Jess might be able to escape soon… If only she could continue her meeting with Kendall in the books.

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