Sudan Archives Plays “Homesick (Gorgeous & Arrogant)” on Fallon: Watch

Sudan Archives is the musical guest of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon tonight (January 16). He performed “Homesick (Gorgeous & Arrogant)” from his latest album, Naturally Brown Prom Queen, which dropped in September 2022. For the performance, Sudan Archives played violin while singing, and he was accompanied by a trumpeter, bassist, and drummer who stood on raised pedestals surrounding him on stage. Watch it happen below.

Naturally Brown Prom Queen is the second album from Sudan Archives, after 2019’s Athena. It was recorded in his home studio, and included the singles “Selfish Soul,””NBPQ (Topless),” and “Home Builder.”

Read Pitchfork’s interview “How The Sudan Archive Exploded Her Sound To Be One Of The Best Albums Of The Year” above the Pitch.

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