Summer House: The Real Reason Behind Paige and Craig’s Feud

Paige DeSorbo no shoulder for Craig Conover to cry.

on Summer HouseIn the May 15 episode, fans saw their most awkward fight playing After a night of drinking, the Southern Charm The star realized she forgot to call her mom on her birthday, leading to an emotional meltdown that was completely confusing. his girlfriend for two years.

“Everybody in the world can see that something’s wrong, except for the one person I want to see,” he told Paige during the misunderstanding. “Whenever I’m sad about something or I have a feeling, your response is, ‘Stop being a f–king p—y.'”

After leaving the room, Craig confided in the co-star Kyle Cooketelling him, “I’m a bit withdrawn. Sometimes I just feel lonely.”

But, the next day, Paige sees a calm, thoughtful side of Craig. “He wakes up in the morning like nothing happened so I’m like, ‘Okay,'” Paige explained. “He came to the bed on top of it, he tried to hug me all night.”

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