Summer Reading List for Kids of All Ages 2022

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Summer Reading List for Kids of All Ages 2022

While summer is an exciting time full of events and fun, sometimes we need that peace and relaxation to survive for the next adventure. And no… we don’t mean through TikTok and Netflix! Discard the screens and instead encourage your family to spend that hour reading a new book that will surprise you this summer. Reading is a great fun activity for kids. Not only does it create a compelling way to explore the realms of creativity, but it also allows them to experience new worlds within each page of a story.

Whether it’s on the beach or traveling on the road, books are a perfect accessory. However, with so many options, you’re sure to get lost in the sea of ​​books. Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered. Check out this summer reading list full of great books for kids of all ages!

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Early Readers

The Circles Around Us by Brad Montague

It is very important to understand the individuals who make us who we are. From immediate family to classmates and teachers, everyone has their unique community group around them. The circles around us, teach the story of growth through the experiences of others through the concept of kindness and inclusion to others. Not only does this book teach a great lesson, but is filled with simple characters and handwriting. Grades K+

Fry Bread: A Native American Family Story by Kevin Noble Millard

Bread has played an important role in the history and life of Native Americans. Teach your child the history of Native Americans and what concepts like fry bread mean to different peoples. Written by a member of the Seminole Nation, this story is thoughtfully written and filled with fine details within its beautiful illustrations. This is a book that your children will keep coming back to and gain a new understanding each time. Grade Preschool-1

Memorial jars by Vis Brosgol

After picking berries Freda is disappointed to hear that she can no longer store her blueberries forever and will have to wait until next season for more. However, Freda immediately knew that her berries could be saved through a jam, so she kept all her favorite things and collected a large amount. Realizing that he can’t save everyone, he knows that other things are better stored as memories than collected over time! With compelling illustrations, it’s a fun read that also includes a good life lesson. Grades Preschool-3

Knight Owl by Christopher Denise

The owl is determined to be the knight he has hatched. With this dream comes his responsibility, so he defends the castle. However, Owl is a little scared to see that there is a real invader this time! Read about Owl’s adventure while defending the castle and becoming a true knight. This story touches family, agility, and courage and is a great read for anyone looking to enjoy a light-hearted and hopeful summer reading. Grades Preschool-3

Upper-Level Readers

Skandar and The Unicorn Thief by AF Steadman

The books are meant to take readers into a whole new world, and this book does exactly that. Follow Skander on his journey to save the secret Island where unicorns run free. Not only is this book filled with epic fights, villains, and newly found friendships, but it also takes a spin on traditional unicorns. This book is perfect for anyone looking for a shocking story to add to their summer fun! Grades 3-7

Restart by Gordon Korman

Chase wakes up in the hospital one day to find that he has lost all his memory. After her first day back at school, she realized it was start too who he used to be would require less effort than he realized. Chase needs to know who he is is and who he is be. Join in this mysterious and funny story that also brings up issues of bullying, choice, identity, and inclusivity. Grades 3-7

Northwind By Garry Paulsen

Award-winning author, Garry Paulsen’s latest book Northwind same changes in his famous book Hatchet from the woods to the sea. Leif, an orphan living in the coastal desert, was forced to take his boat because a plague hit the fish in the area. Unsure of his next destination, follow Leif as he descends into the water. This book can be a great family book because it is suitable for all ages (as long as you can have a great adventure!) And follows an attractive design. Grade 4-6

Spy School is the Graphic Novel by Stuart Gibbs

Despite being an awkward middle schooler, Ben Ripley was placed in the junior CIA academy focusing heavily on his science abilities. Follow as Ben suffers ridiculous mistakes and realizes he’s not half as bad as a spy. Just because it’s a chapter book doesn’t mean it doesn’t have pictures! This is a great read for middle schoolers or anyone looking for a fun graphic novel this summer. Try Spy School is the Graphic Novel this summer for a fun middle school adventure story. Grades 3-7

8th Grade and Youth

The Woman Who Drinks to the Moon by Kelly Barnhill

As the winner of the 2017 Newbery Medal, The Woman Who Drinks to the Moon not disappointing. On the ground of Protectorate, the children are given as offerings to Xan, who they believe to be an evil witch. However, this vampire was kind and sent these children to new families on the other side of the forest and fed them with the light of the star on the way. One day Xan accidentally gives a child moonlight and immediately decides to raise the child whose newfound power will slowly emerge. This story is one of magic and adventure mixed with twists. This fascinating story is perfect for anyone who loves classic stories. Grade 5-9

Grasping the Universe by Jennifer Niven

Sometimes others have the power to change our world. Libby Strout and Jack Masselin, on the outside, are not the same. But after the two were involved in a high school game that resulted in their group counseling and community service, they learned what it means to love someone for who they are. The story of Grasping the Universe one of friendship, understanding, identity, and strength. It’s a great read for young adults and a must read for former lovers The Fault of Our Stars by John Green. Grades 9-12

Summer Made Me Beautiful by Jenny Han

From the author of To All The Boys I Used To Love and the inspiration for a new hit Prime Video series, Jenny Han is back Summer Made Me Beautiful. This contemporary fiction story is about a woman named Belly. The abdomen measured his life in the summer. They consist of the beach, sea breeze, romance, and most importantly, her best friends. Yet this summer everything has changed for the better. This book is a hot choice for summer and if you don’t have access (or even if you can) to the beach, it’s the perfect summer read to evoke the sweet feeling of the beach. Grade 8+

All My Anger: A Novel by Sabaa Tahir

This book describes a love story of tragedy and what it means to feel different. Moving between then and now, this story is both about a Pakistani family moving to Juniper, California for a fresh start as well, as is the view of their son who is now struggling to keep up. all. This raw novel mixes concepts related to family relationships and intense love and anger, while also focusing on the importance of forgiveness and redemption. This book is an emotional one, so get your tissues ready and start reading! Grades 9-12

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