Super Bowl LVII: Shop These 17 Party-Preparing Must-Haves

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Are you ready for some Super Bowl? No, really: Are you? Because with this historic game just around the corner, now is not the time for shortcuts when it comes to party preparation.

You need your drinks. You need your food. You should make sure your cable bill is paid. But more than that, you need to plan for everything that a visitor might be interested in during the likely 12 hours that your place will be filled with noise, chaos, and chaos.

It requires a many to prepare behind the scenes. You should get mixing bowls to prepare your dips! Ice buckets to keep drinks cold! New football-shaped items, just because! Party wise, this team matchup requires someone to get the ball in the end zone. But I have your back.

Whether you’re a veteran emcee or your party planning pro, these are 17 must-haves plan to host a Super Bowl party. Ideally, it should keep you healthy, your guests fed, and cleanup a breeze. Best.

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